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Greece,about me...

The name is Natalia, pleased to meet you.

As you'll see below, I'm nuts for Video Games. My favorite game being The Legend Of Zelda series. Wouldn't change it for any other game!

Other things to know.... This guy over here Chuggaaconroy Drawing by 18skorpina is someone I look up to. Not just because of what he does, but because of who he is.

Traditional drawing is what I'm best at, not saying I'm really good or anything, but compared to my digital art, traditional has always been something I've been better at.

I love music, always have. Video Game music ROCKS! And if you haven't heard any game soundtracks, you're seriously loosing out!

I really stick to my values and try my best to be strong and never give up on anything.

You have better NOT mess with my friends, cause I'm going to kick your sorry excuse for an idiot all across the nation and then some! And trust me, you don't want to test out if that's really true or not.
I've kicked a guy, 5 years older than me, in the balls for trying to slap a friend of mine.... Believe what you want, but be careful....

Naruto Stamp by FrozenSkiesSage Minato  Stamp by Fran48Naruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxNaruto stamp by HarukaXFoxLil Naruto needs your love :C by PaniFowlNaruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-EchidnaNaruto for Hokage by Golden-FluteNaruto Stamp by Tsuba-chamaNaruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02I'd rather watch clouds by shifaikiaShikamaru is MINE by shifaikiaShikamaru Stamp by foxfanartshika stamp by vakuvakuShikamaru Stamp by pinkfairywandBadge: Shikamaru by TheRedKunoichiShikamaru Stamp by KayleeInuzukaThe Shika Stamp by Pikachu444- Sharingan - by Naruto-StampsItachi Stamp by 1dimeNaruto: Gaara stamp oo1 by Kaze-yoNaruto-stamp by kairiSpardaHappy Itachi Stamp by RandomTonsItachi Stamp1 by Pikachu444Naruto - Loneliness Stamp by MatchstarMinato - Those Eyes by SRKAddictKakashi Anbu stamp by Kaze-yoKakashi Stamp by SRKAddict::Stamp:: Kaka by MyttensShikamaru stamp by mirhielNaruto: Minato Namikaze stamp by Ritsuka-kawaiSuigetsu 01 by DoctorMLoliWho's the idiot here? by Stamp-Attack

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Shaking Link seems to be a running theme throughout the games...
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Ikuto Tsukiyomi fan by ChiisanaHoshiKukai Souma fan by ChiisanaHoshiKairi Sanjou fan by ChiisanaHoshiUtau fan by ChiisanaHoshiAMUTO FAN by ChiisanaHoshiKutau FAN by ChiisanaHoshiAmuTo :heart: by Rikiku321Stamp: Chugo Chara by Shendijiroikuto stamp by ueruchan77I ADOPTED MIKI by ChiisanaHoshiI ADOPTED DIA by ChiisanaHoshi

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Hello people, it's been a while, hasn't it? Since I last wrote a journal.. I think it was back when Naruto ended, actually.
Oh well, I haven't had time to write much, mainly cause now I've got collage and work and I've got much less time. But, enough about my boring life that you don't care about and on to what I'll be doing from now on!

Honestly I'm not really sure exactly what I'll be doing, I haven't drawn anything Naruto-related in a loooong time, and even then it was just some gifts! Last anime thing I draw was.... I think either a Lucario, for :iconatsuko-hyuuga:'s birthday, or an Okamiden drawing....
I had gotten some new pencils and I was dying to use them, so I drew my first scenery and then I begun doing portraits.
As, you're seen so far I've done 2 drawing of Mr. EmileChuggaaconroy Drawing by 18skorpina  Chuggaaconroy Drawing 2 by 18skorpinaand one or Mr. JonProtonJon Drawing by 18skorpina.
Up next, I'd love to make a drawing of Mr. Tim, but no matter where I looked, I couldn't find a good enough picture, for me to use. I mainly need something with good lighting and I... just couldn't find one. If someone out there knows where I can find one, tell me below, or give me the link, please!
Instead, I will be trying to do Miss Masae next! Sadly, that won't be for at least a few days, cause like I mentioned to my dear friend :icondeidaralittlemonster: a while back, I had a really bad accident and broke my wrist. Since then when I overuse it, or when the weather changes, it hurts a-lot and does these weird crack sounds every few seconds.... so yeah.

Right now, I'm going to relax and watch some YouTube videos. But if any of you have a request, or even just a suggestion about anything related to stuff I enjoy, let me know!
And if you wonder about what I like, just jump to my profile, you'll see it rather clearly, below the profile picture ;)

Until next time, peace out!
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: Chuggaaconroy/ Masae/ TRG
  • Playing: Twilight Princess
  • Eating: Apple pie (home-made)
  • Drinking: strawberry-lemon juice

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I got the Wii U for my B-day and I'm pumped!
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